Sunday, January 10, 2010

my own little corner of the world

and now for a momentary departure from the sarcastic, cynical, hopelessly disillusioned grrl with the most cake you all know and love (or some of you love, anyway)...

in the almost ten months since moving into our home, i have done very little in the way of decorating. i have antiques galore and beautiful oil paintings done by my artist-aunt, but beyond that, nothing. when it comes to what i want, im picky and indecisive.

so i decided, after much delay, to start with my own little corner, my night stand. with the guidance of my interior decorating sages (and for once i mean a 'sage' in terms of a wise one who guides, as opposed to my beloved cohort), ruby randall and jillian lauren, i was able to create something im really proud of.

after purchasing an antique cherry table from an antique sale, i went to work hunting for relics with which to accessorize. im really into julep cups right now, and had to have an old, slightly tarnished one to put some silk flowers in. i wish i could say the rest of the things on the table were legitimately vintage, but the truth is, the back of the picture frames have "made in china" stickers on them (i plan to put 30s and 40s era family pics in them) the lamp was purchased five years ago on clearance at marshall's and the perfume bottle was a gift from a friend, purchased from anthropologie. the hand-made doilie, however, is authentic and was given to me by my grandmother. i am still trolling for a little trinket box to keep my chapstick in. i take my lip moisture content very seriously.

the piece de resistance is my pin-ups book, filled with the most delicious work by gil elvgren, peter driben and bill medcalf, among others. while i dont have a naked woman sharing my bed, its still nice to have them around...even if they are illustrated.

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