Thursday, March 12, 2009

foot in mouth disease

i am moving into a house this week and had to spend the last 3 days cleaning it so as to make it move-in ready. the things i encountered as i cleaned disgusted me to no end- piss stains, used band-aids, toenail clippings etc. however, the most vomit-worthy specimens i had to clean were the previous owners' renegade pubic hairs. the whole experience was both traumatic and humbling.

today i made an appointment for my monthly brazilian wax. i began thinking that when my esthetician asks me what i've been up to the last few weeks this horrific venture into cleaning other people's messes would come up as lately it's been in the forefront of my mind. "i had to clean up other people's pubes! seriously! it's repulsive! who wants to touch someone else's pubes?"

i am glad i had the forsight to save myself from having this conversation.

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